Today we simply should be connected in a Network. I believe if you are looking in here it´s because you are a Entrepreneur right. So what my advice is;

Look for an enterprise with at least ten years on the market! (95% of all new companies close the first five years, and the following six to ten years another 95% fail. That´s why it is an important think to think about.

Look for and enterprise that have reach it´s momentum. That is a magic moment when the Network Enterprise all of a sudden achieve over 100 million in turnover and now the success starts to flow.. 

Make sure your enterprise is an AA or AAA, financially free. Not earning debth to banks.

Make sure your enterprise meet your personal Values, it is important to feel good with what you do, with your colleages and the product you are marketing.. 

Learn the market, It is really good today, around 80 000 people enter in a Network enterprise every month around the Globe. The market is Huge. Don´t let pessimistic people steal your dream!. Learn, Share and duplicate!

This is my Choice of Enterprise, because it is based on Values and a really good idea. Make money of your shopping and others shopping..

This is a video from the meeting where 60 000 networker Joined. The founder Press here

Get to know what you are doing

The Best Guru in Network Marketing is Erik Worre Press Here