Here you will hear that it is true that even money grows like grass. It has always done, but we have not understood how it works and we have not bothered to understand, it seemed easier to let others handle our money:

Hello, my name is Hannika! On this page I will tell you a bit about how money works in this new economy, I will tell a bit about my experience and story about this topic, I looked on economy as a young woman and seriously understood that something must be seriously wrong. I saw all the animals and nature living with enough and I thought to my self it must be more to this, this is not understandable. Later little by little I got to understand economy, in a more holistic way. I share what I have leart here. 

I live in Europe the mostly in Spain and Sweden. I love to make a difference for the better for people around the World. (Being able to make life better for others is as a matter of fact my passion.)

…have you noticed that the way to make money is so completly different today.

1993 I started seriously to be interested in Business, I started my first company, Kuliosa Kuriosa, I started different ways of getting to know business, selling things in the square and markets to gain experience, I run a couple of shops in Stockholm. After that, I have had various types of companies,  being self-employed, holding companies, I have driven companies in Spain and Sweden and had a holding enterprise in London.

As a Social Entrepreneur, I have gained experience over the years, here I want to share them with you. You can have a desire to learn more, use my experiences and contact me for Coaching or mentorship, to improve your business. You may come here because someone to recommend you, welcome no matter what made you come here. You can also contact me if you want a temporary coaching, maybe you may have a weak moment. You may need the group and are looking for a mastermind group. ! You might need to updated information on how money works today, some advice on who to turn to gets expertise in different areas.

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